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Turtles all the way down

Or what our teachers never tortoise

I have a conspiracy theory. If its true then it is the biggest conspiracy theory in human history. It goes something like this.

There has been a propaganda campaign going on for thousands of years. We have all been subjected to it and the patter has got so smooth that many people don't even realise it is there, but it is. In the background droning away is the same message repeated again and again. If you know it's there and you listen very carefully you can still pick it out of the ambient hiss. 'Science,' it says in a mere whisper, 'has all the answers!'.

Now there are many people out there that, for a great variety of reasons, reject this message outright. I'm not one of them. I like science and I think it has a lot to offer. Understanding what is going on around us can be invaluable and life enhancing. The point I am trying to make with the conspiracy theory is that we are all being denied access to the core of science. If we all start to think that Science already has all the answers then we won't start asking awkward questions. It's the awkward questions that science wants to avoid. It wants to avoid them because it can't answer them. The propaganda isn't true. Science DOESN'T have all the answers, well not yet anyway.

The point is, it is never going to have all the answers if we stop asking the questions. Especially the unanswerable ones. That's what this project is all about. Asking questions and then trying to answer them. However, it isn't going to do us any good to just trudge through it in a typical scientific manner. So far, many questions have remained un-answered because we are trying to solve them the wrong way. What is needed is a fresh perspective, a new angle of enquiry.

At Ax-yZ we have chosen to invest heavily in a brand new state of the art thought laboratory. Einstein made his great breakthroughs by performing thought experiments and we have decided to follow in his footsteps. In our thought laboratory, we are going to undertaken some pretty crazy experiments of our own. We have put a lot of effort into designing multiple redundancy and installing extra thick blast-proof glass so we believe it is a perfectly safe research environment. It doesn't really matter if we are cooking deep fried black-holes and ham or scrambled cosmos on toast, there is going to be no risk of us rupturing the fabric of the universe, or even the lab for that matter. Well, we hope not anyway.

So don your bullet proof lab coat and assist us as we include more and more experiments and (hopefully) answer more and more questions. Don't forget, if you subscribe to the newsletter, you can stay on the cutting edge by getting advanced copies of our latest research findings before we publish them on the website.



Colouring in science's Big Picture

Science has always fascinated me. I enjoy reading about the latest discoveries and research and am always trying to better understand the world around me. If you are the same you have probably also realised that, the more you know about something and the deeper you dig the more questions that present themselves.

Hyperphysics takes an alternative look at science and tries to answer some of the Big Questions of cosmic physics from a new angle. This is NOT about the 'accepted wisdom' of contemporary science. Thousands of years ago the accepted wisdom was that the earth was flat. Before the spread of steam powered locomotion the accepted wisdom was that the stress of travelling too fast would most certainly kill you. Accepted Wisdom is an ethereal thing. Wait long enough and it generally turns out to be wildly inaccurate if not downright wrong.

In Hyperphysics we try and skip ahead to the next version of accepted wisdom. This isn't the science of text books or class rooms or even clandestine governmental laboratories. This is subversive futuristic science that makes you question and maybe even contradict all of the above. However, it might, just possibly, become the accepted wisdom of future ages.

Do you want to read about science that is SO cutting edge that they haven't even invented the knife yet? Are you prepared to moth ball accepted wisdom and start the scientific process from scratch? Bored with only three spatial dimensions? Enter our Hyperphysics Laboratory and learn about an alternative reality.


Health and Wellness

New and improved forms of pain, discomfort and displeasure

I try to be physically active. I try and stay fit and healthy. I'm not very successful at either. Life keeps getting in the way with rapidly approaching deadlines, social gatherings and various annual festivals, celebrations and feasts. Nevertheless, I don't suffer from any major illnesses or conditions and am happy and comfortable in my body.

Over the years I have experimented with how to stay healthy with minimum resource. In this case 'resource' covers everything from time and money to physical effort. This project is a record of everything I've learned. I'll be covering everything from how and what I eat to which exercise regimes are most effective for me. I shall also be logging my personal efforts and tracking my own health statistics.

Be warned, this isn't about how to 'loose 50 pounds in a week' or '30 seconds to a beach body'. I don't care about which body sculpting technique is the latest fashion or exactly how large your buttocks need to be. In the immortal words of Slartibartfast from The Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy 'It's far better to be happy than right'. Unfortunately, he doesn't quite manage it but I intend to show how it can be done. This isn't about quick fixes, it's about a change of life style to become the best YOU that YOU can be.


Did you ever!?

Rediscovering the world around us

Humans have a habit of forgetting to do things. The modern world is full of hurly burley, stress, time schedules and over-filled buses. It really is no wonder at all that we often get distracted and absent minded. In our opinion, the thing we forget to do most often is to look at the world around us properly. We concentrate on instant gratification and immediate responses. We fixate on getting the newest things. We forget to take the time to appreciate the things around us, the things we already have.

The wonderment project is all about taking a tiny step back and giving it another go. It's about re-discovering how wonderful we humans as a species are. It's about recognising how wonderful our planet is. It's about realising how wonderfully interconnected our existence within the cosmos must be.

The wonderment project takes a fresh, and often sideways, look at things around us. We try and remind ourselves about the little everyday marvels that surround us. Much of this is coloured and flavoured with our own 'fundamental cosmic axioms' such as:

  • 'The Universe is fundamentally fractal'
  • or
  • 'All Organisms are lazy'

We use a lot of metaphors to help visualise what is actually going on. This means that our thought laboratory often gets filled up with all sorts of weird and wonderful things like stampeding bison or a large collection of doors. We do this to better see things as they actually are. We hope this novel use of metaphors helps you do the same. This isn't supposed to be science as it is taught, it's science as it can be understood. Visit our Wonderment Laboratory to take a fresh look at the world around us.